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The Boeing P8 Poseidon is the answer then !

It ticks all the Civil Service boxes.

1)It is expensive.

2) It does not produce UK jobs.

3) It does not work.

4) Minimal endurance because airliners are thirsty below 24,000 feet.

5) It was not made in Britain.

6) It, like the Comet is based on a 1950's fuselage.

7) It is built by Boeing so it must be good. Don't worry about the finish because of the man hours cost.

8) The whole concept is flawed.

9) It was picked by a Civil Servant with a degree in Greek Classics.

10) It helps towards the US economy.

12) It does not effect house prices.

13) A Boeing 'Bung' is every bit as good as Lockheed.

14) It is not a Labour party project.

15) It will not have to operate in Scotland when they go independent.

16) It is not French.

17 ) It is not being bought by the EU, yet?

Yes, these are but a few reasons why the Boeing B737, errr I mean P8.
Is a perfect MPA.
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