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I don't think that's what he was saying at all. He was saying most fixed wing crashes are not survivable - and I think statistics back him up - although some do have survivors and the controlled landing on the Hudson River was a great example.

I think he is saying - controlled ditching - good sea state - easily survivable for all with easy evacuation of the cabin to rafts - proved with the 225's incidents.

Uncontrolled crash - as with the bond L2 - not survivable at all - regardless of cabin config.

This is what I am trying to say

The Shetland L2 crash - rare event - a crash which is not fully uncontrolled - but helicopter inverts quickly - which could be same as controlled ditching with poor sea state - this is where exits/space come into play and a much more difficult evacuation. One person next to window who fails to get out for whatever reason (e.g. heart attack from cold shock)- that exit remains blocked - and the person next to this is searching for an alternative - which may be very difficult.

But making cabin spacious and easy to evacuate for this scenario may decrease risk in this rare case - but the overall risk to pax may increase if we double the fleet and pilots and movements - and landings on offshore platforms - and for the bears more delays!

I don't think we know how many failed to get out in this incident, definitely one, possibly two? And we do not have confirmed cause of death yet for all 4?
In this scenario I think the current rebreather is useless - and the use of it needs to be reviewed to see if there is something better.
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