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Originally Posted by satsuma View Post

Most of your arguments are logical and well-reasoned but here I think you're just being argumentative for the sake of it. The reference to inter-twined legs is clearly just a method of highlighting conditions in the back of the aircraft, not a reason for randomly accusing an entire workforce of being a bit precious about levels of comfort. You're starting to come across as a bit dim, which you're obviously not, so please stop it. Furthermore, I feel it would be sensible for you to stop tempting fate by labelling ditchings of this type as a 1 in 22 year event. Cold statistical facts are for the use of management and money men.
My point really is that the offshore industry in general tends to have the memory of a goldfish - ie they only remember the accident that just happened, not the previous ones. In the case of the Sumburgh L2, some folk didn't get out. We don't really know why yet, although of course a cramped cabin MAY have been an issue, maybe not. But suddenly there is a big focus on the issue of cabin density, and the implication that if we just cut down the number of pax then all will be well. But to my mind this is a very minor issue in the great scheme of things, and not the universal panacea to end all offshore fatalities as is being made out.

We are quite happy to fly over water in an airliner, without pop-out windows and with the nearest exit many rows away. Why? Because they don't fall into the water very often (and when they do, it is usually unsurvivable). Surely we should be aiming for the same thing?

I think your dislike of statistics is a little childish - if were to deny ourselves the use of statistics to drive the direction of effort to make the best improvements, we would be very foolish.

Finally, in response to O. A., yes I know that seat leaves very little space to put you legs and no, I wouldn't want to spend 2 hrs in it. On the other hand you are sitting right next to a class IV emergency exit, and I don't think that having your legs overlapping (not intertwined, unless you have rubber legs) is a significant factor in an emergency evacuation. FYI the space for me in the front, having to drive at the same time, at 6'4 1/2", is no better than it is in the back. So yes I would like more room in the front and the back, but it is not the highest priority safety issue.
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