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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50
Good enough for the troops, but beneath you, is that it?
Your interpretation? Rather beneath your normal output. I've been both, thank-you. The 332L1/L2/EC225 is a compromise, based on a military requirement, and so, with your permission I'll return to my original premise; let's hope that in 50 years time the industry will provide aircraft specifically designed to be fit for the specific purpose of getting people to and from offshore installations in such a manner that doesn't compromise their safety.
How much more Fit For Purpose can one get, I ask?(Observations on window and door size appreciated and taken into consideration).
I take it you've never had the pleasure of sitting with your legs inter-twined with those of four of your compatriots, wondering which of the two windows available to you, you'll be able to get-to first?

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