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1.We are a maritime nation and currently we have very limited detail of what is sailing around our shores.

2.General consensus agrees that we need MPA even if only to- check illegal fishermen,monitor drug/ arms runners,coordinate rescue operations,conduct maritime anti terrorist ops,prosecute polluters etc etc.

3.As has been repeated ad nauseum -thanks to barmy bankers,Gordon Brown forgetting his 5 principles etc etc 'there is no money left'.

4.Thus we cannot afford the Rolls Royce LRMP 17-20 high-tech state of the art aircraft solution.

5.As far as I am aware we are still a member of the NATO ( or will be be a member of 'the European Defence Force ' (joke) ) thus there is no need for us to cover all of the high tech roles as there is no way we should even think about taking on anyone on our own!

6.Thus I suggest that our unsophisticated MPA -3 x P3s rescued from the USA boneyard perhaps- should stick solely to the dry role.The ASW Wet role is far too difficult/expensive - is it even possible to detect the latest quiet diesels?

7.Who should operate this force- does it really matter so long as it exists?
I would vote for a combined single defence force- I know that it didn't work with the Canadians,but that was a long time ago!
Think of all the money it would save at the top end!
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