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There are a wide range of different "Jabiru" engines including newer variants from those who actually make them. Some core improvements I think. First is to return to older solid lifter design, new cylinders and some head upgrades.

Isnt a key problem with Mogas the longevity and variable performance this brings, let alone other more detailed problems outlined by others

I have an 800hr 3300 with very few problems, Jabiru have always been excellent to deal with.
Always fly with an eye for a landing spot.....doesnt everyone flying singles?

They arent Rotax 912 or 914, few pretend they are, these Jabiru cost way less to own and operate, an entire brand new 120 hp engine is ~$19K.
Cheap and easy maintenance doesnt always equal well done and sure theres some conflicting service and operation data out there.

As far as DS problems go, maybe Im mixing incidents but heres an engine running on mixture of fuels, overheated (something gone very wrong), significant SB not carried out. At least a few issues piling up. What did you expect Jabiru to do? Seems they may have offered reco parts.

How recently have you gone back to Nissan or Toyota with a fatally busted engine and been received warmly. How about a LAME after a rebuild?

Jabiru do use std W100+ oil, significant work has been done to look at better options in the future, hopefully correcting some problems.
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