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Oil changes every 25 hours and not 50...
Head torque checked every 25...
Surely in this age of technical expertise they can design a better engine than this?

I only ever flew Jabirus and other Ultralights for a very limited number of hours and could never feel at ease with the engine spinning above 5000 RPM. I realise they need this speed to produce the desired power output, and it's a case of chasing ones own tail regarding power vs weight.

Spend enough money and anything is possible.
Sorry for the link, couldn't get the Youtube link thingy to work?

This video shows an operational cutaway of a BMW S1000RR a 193HP superbike bumping against its 14,200RPM redline. A cam and valvetrain at 118 cycles per second is an amazing sight (and sound)
Obviously not a suitable engine for an aircraft and probably has HUGE maintenance / reliability problems of it's own. However a pretty cool video to watch.
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