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Jabiru problems

The "heat related issue" is a common "out" by Jabiru. You can buy the J230 from the factory with steam gauges so you only have one CHT which is located on number 6 cylinder. The POH states that the engine can operate upto 350F continuously. The reality is that No. 6 is often not the hottest cylinder, no. 4 is and the CHT should never go over 270 (a tech from Jabiru was shocked when I mentioned 350 and he told me never over 270). And thanks to the RAAus rules you cannot change anything without factory authorisation if being used in a flying school, so you can't change the position of the CHT sensor, or fix the baffles etc. So no. 4 gets too hot, valve drops off and Jabiru go " ooh you cooked the engine, sorry that's abuse... No warranty.
The above is what happened to me J230 after 283 hours.
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