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Jabiru Bad experience

Ladies and gents, I would like to share my experience thus far with this product and the factory that makes them.
I own 2 Jabirus, a 230-D and a 160-C both aircraft have been an absolute nightmare when it comes to reliability.
The J230 suffered its first engine failure at 225 hours requiring a complete Top end, subsequently it suffered multiple component failures up until its final demise at 700 hrs with Jabiru admitting it was the failed thru bolt design that destroyed the bottom end, not once did they offer any support even after multiple requests.
The J160 suffered an in flight engine failure under 200 hours since the factory performed a top end overhaul( thru bolt failure)! since I have owned it three heads have failed due cracking and valve seat movement multiple other component failures and the nail in the coffin for this engine was a valve seat falling out at idle on the first pre-flight run up of the day all within 300 hrs of the Top end overhaul.
The factory have not once offered to help, never shown the slightest empathy or a desire to support a customer. They display a complete disregard for factual evidence when providing an excuse why a component failed.
I have been bullied, ignored and treated like a fool.
Not one Jabiru engine in my local area has made the 1000 hr TBO and not one owner would purchase another Jabiru.
The business manager has treated me with arrogance of the highest order and display's what I can only describe as an extremely deceptive nature.
The business manager flat out refuses to return my property, and will not listen to any reason or evidentiary facts stating that they must return it.
One investigation conducted by the company as to why a cylinder dropped a valve seat and had cracking, had three different conclusions over multiple days.
I regret the day that I purchased both of these aircraft, they have cost me a small fortune to keep running and I warn others to do their home work thoroughly before spending your money with them.
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