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Just as Bealzebub mentions, going to college or do some additional studying is always good. You'll always have that extra point on top of non-high educated candidates. Being 16 and 'school tired' is surely possible, I guess everyone at that age has that feeling. However, if you truly want get a job in the aviation sector, motivate yourself to do additional studies by realizing it will help you get this aviation job faster (of course it's not a magic formula, but...). Make sure you don't hasten everything and ending up with no 'decent' college degree, an ATPL but no job.

Of course, this is all your decision. But if you think about it, when 2 persons are competing for a job, having the same flight experience but one has a higher education degree, the choice would be pretty much already be made.

I don't want to be disrespectful for people without any higher education, but as you're already planning on doing a modular course, I would suggest you do some studying and in the meanwhile get you PPL, IR etc. I know it's hard postponing your true passion, but it'll be worth the wile (I am in the same situation )
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