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Look outside the airlines and look everywhere. Search for the lesser remaining piston operators, even turbo prop operators, look in Africa and Asia, look for the jobs that the percentage of new licence holders think themselves too good to do*.

I'm not saying it is easy, it's far from it. I know people who have put the effort in and have struggled to get the return. Some are still struggling, but that is life, not everyone can achieve their goals, but if it's a true goal and you are prepared to put the effort in, you'd probably kick yourself not to have tried. If you have any doubt, don't put yourself through it in the first place cos it can be draining at times and depressing at others.

*I think there is a decent percentage of these people, probably more so from bigger integrated schools (not all of these people though!). I have met quite a few that think they shouldn't go through "The system" of gaining experience and are inclined to believe that they have paid for top training to go straight to the top.
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