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Matters medical could stand it's own thread; probably been done before and like any a topic which touches everyone there's always a talent pool willing to provide good information and discussion. Even the obligatory troll; happily, they are fairly easy to pick and easily ignored. Which ever way you look at it, the old pony Poohshambolic seems to have run the course between the AAT and the office too many times to attract decent odds (gods alone know the total cost). This is an area where 'leadership', or rather the lack thereof, really starts to show up. You'd think a budget conscious, progressive boss would look at world best practice, look at what's occurring on his own patch, look to how improvements and savings could be made. A simple directive, setting out the strategy and a 'get on with it' line could save millions. Will the WLR could consider the Avmed rules as part of their robust review?, can they?; has our three man tea party enough time, latitude. horsepower and interest to get down in the weeds and look. Enough lest I ramble.

An interesting though oblique element of the Avmed discussion is how much attention folk are willing to give to anything of which they have had experience. I had coffee with John Quadrio one day, quite accidental, bloke I was with knew John; introductions were made and, as I had time to kill, second coffee's were ordered. Considering the tale, John was remarkably calm and sanguine, told the story without rancour even the odd bit of humour thrown in; I was impressed and could not discern too much fairy dust being added to my long black. When the yarn was spun; it occurred to me to ask one final question. "If a bloke in a pub told you a story like yours, what would you do". A quiet smile on an honest face told me all I needed to know. Unless you have been through a CASA close encounter, of the pineapple kind, or the medical kind, or the engineering kind; it's just a yarn. But when you start to collate the facts, examine the evidence, read all the tedious, convoluted correspondence, weigh it against the procedure, protocol and rules, a quiet yarn over a coffee takes you to some ugly, dark places. Dare the WLR go there ?, can it?. Nay: caution human nature at work; if the beast is not in your cave, why leave the fire. Hush now.

The WLR must, if it does nothing else of any value look at the rules governing the way in which NCN, Safety Alert and Show Cause are sprinkled about like confetti at a wedding, then ruthlessly used as a club to enforce someone's vision of safety. It's time we were rid of bullies, liars, willing accomplices, catamites, unprincipled investigators, the lawyers that support them and the twisted notion that enforcement and prosecution outside of the principals of law can ever enhance safety. No matter how many plagiarised, nonsense reports are 'commissioned' to suit. Money won't go close to sorting it either. It is, very much a matter of principal and conscience

Dear Mr. Truss. We, the WLB running the WLR suggest that you immediately outlaw double jeopardy, forbid the use of the AAT and only allow prosecution in court by the CDPP. If not can we please find a man of good will and conscience to run the joint. All roads lead to Rome, even the long winding ones, through the wabbit warrens.


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