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PAIN comes also to mind and I concur with your thoughts. It makes one wonder about the validity of some of the "expert's" sitting on the sidelines of Minister Truss' review. Isn't one from AOPAA? The same organization that gave us strict liability and the ASIC and became promoters of CASA Roadshows. I like the cop out weasel words like.. "strong focus on "POSITIVE" promotion and "reciprocal benefits to CASA".


"Aviation organisations promoting safety are being called on to apply for sponsorship from CASA.

Applications under the current round of sponsorship, which can be financial or in-kind, can be made from 13 January 2014 until 14 February 2014.

CASA offers sponsorship for activities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, educational programs and publications that promote Australia’s civil aviation safety capabilities, skills and services.

CASA looks to align sponsorship with current safety promotion activities and priorities. These include ageing aircraft safety, sports and recreational safety, promoting new safety rules and helicopter operations in remote and regional areas.

Applications for sponsorship of activities outside of these priorities will be considered if there is a strong safety focus, known risk factors are addressed and the activities lead to improved aviation safety.

CASA is unlikely to sponsor an activity if there is not a strong focus on positively promoting safety in Australia’s aviation community.

Organisations wishing to apply for sponsorship need to fill in a form which is available on CASA’s web site.

This form asks for a description of the event or activity, the safety messages to be conveyed, the expected number of participants or people impacted, the amount of money or in-kind contribution sought and the reciprocal benefits to CASA."

Find out more and apply for sponsorship.

Media contact:
Peter Gibson
Mobile: 0419 296 446
Email: [email protected]
Ref: MR0114

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