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Steady the Buffs.

About the only thing with Old Akro's post a reasonable man could disagree with is the latte`.

OA# 220 - One of my Latte companions yesterday says he possesses a power-point presentation from a recent DAME conference. It was delivered by someone in CASA and the subject material was why CASA doesn't accept the opinions of medical specialists. Doesn't that capture the issue right there? Non medical personnel or (at best) non practising medically trained personnel get to exercise discretion over highly trained specialist practitioners.
If you have been following the -'Empire Strikes Back' thread-, you can see that while the focus is on one main issue, there are other splinters on the dunny seat, to catch the unwary. I hope someone is contemplating a submission to the WLR on matters medical. Whilst 'a-beer-ing' with TOM, I did manage to pry out some information; seems there is a substantial pile of data, but all very confidential and private. I wondered if the 'power point' mentioned above could be a starting point for proceedings; alas, No is the definitive answer. The WLR 'fatal flaw' raises it's ugly head – again – without parliamentary privilege and the facility to provide 'in-camera' testimony, it will be nigh well impossible to provide any form of evidence which relates to 'Doctor-Patient' confidentiality. It's said that the DAME all know there are huge problems, all hate and denigrate the system but; why rock the boat?, to achieve 'sod all'.

OA# 220 -These problems don't require legislation to fix them. It just requires people with integrity and backbone in the upper levels of CASA.
The attitude and the responsibility for that attitude stems from the top; it's not only me who's surprised that experienced, intelligent, skilled, 'professional', bureaucrats like Mrdak and Hawke allow the situation to continue. They must know that there are other competent 'reform' oriented, acceptable folk out there. To persist with the current 'top layer' (and it's catamites) is fraught with peril, unless of course they require a donkey on which to pin a tail. Someone has to carry the can for the existing mess. Pel Air alone should have forced men of good conscience to act for the common good etc. Servants of the people and all that.

The evidence from the Pel Air affair inquiry is a very public insight into a small part of what ails this industry, who is responsible and why. Another inquiry into an event like Canely Vale will produce an international and domestic disgrace, that not even Gibson could spin his way out of.

Why can't get any form of miniscule response to Pel Air ?– they know the problem, they have a solution, they have the tools, they have the spare parts: so why no action? Even if it's cynical, the simple protection of their own rice bowls. Before it's too late.

Let us go in together,
And still your fingers on your lips, I pray.
The time is out of joint. O cursèd spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!
Nay, come, let’s go together. (Hamlet 1:5).

Tick tock, the corporate clock.

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