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50 houirs in 10 days??? Nice work mate...logbook well fattened I see!

Firstly many thanks for taking time out to give me alot of insightful information regarding hourbuilding out in FL (KDAB) & also for those resourceful website links.

Unfortunately I've suffered a drastic setback in form of some major car trouble last night (Lady Luck is not a fan I guess) on the way back from work & apparently THE POWER of my wallet is the only one true remedy.

Sigh... first world problems eyyyy So yes after a new engine I will look to reattempt Project Florida hopefully back end of Feb/early March (24th Feb -7th March instead) from the looks of things fiscally speaking.

By then I should also have hit 70Hr P1 & have done my ME rating, so I seek solace in knowing that I'll be certified to have two props at my disposal for when I go out there.

Again gratitude for the advice bestowed.....I will be sure to revert back to your post when the time is near, already made a note of those destinations you mentioned bud
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