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I did 50 hours in 10 days with Air America in Daytona Beach 2 months ago. Nice place, nice planes, nice prices with some relaxed guys to take care of you :-)

Before you go I would study the airspaces and rules and what else is relevant to conduct a flight in the US. Daytona Beach can be quite busy at times so make sure you know the most important differences on the radio phraseology.
When your going to fly on your own just pick up VFR flight following and all the nice controllers will help you out no matter where you go. Flying in US is fantastic and in Florida in particular they are used to foreigners flying around.

Skyvector.com and aviationweather.gov is great websites to get weather and all the information you need for your flights.

When you get to Daytona go to the Daytona Pilot Zone shop and you can buy everything you will need to a good price.

Regarding your 13 day limit I think it should be enough. But when I was there the weather was pretty bad - mostly IFR weather so I was only able to do my hours that fast because I had my FAA IR.

There are plenty of great places to go in Florida. All the big airports are always good fun and of course Key West + all the coast airport like Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach is also really nice places to land and get a crew car
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