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Funny aint it..outsourcing!! everyones at it from the Govmint down. We've outsourced so much we might as well outsource the lot before we become slaves in our own country. I'm sure the Chinese would consider a few million a head for each of us and we all bugger off and leave them with it!!
CAsA is no different regarding outsourcing
Think about it, there is anyone who is part of CAsA, the rest are criminals they havnt caught yet.
This of course includes Australian doctors, who must be corrupt and incompetent in CAsA's eyes, because CAsA accepts nothing they say, which is why so many of them are declining to get involved in Aviation medicine, or are leaving it, largely because it just aint worth the and as the active pilot population steadily decreases, because more and more pilots just give up and go do something where they can earn a living, move to an offshore licence, or decide its just too expensive to keep an Australian medical, there is just no return in it for a doctor, other than a whole lot of grief and liability.
CAsA have outsourced their medical department to the Kentucky Fried Chicken medical school offshore, because they cannot attract Australian doctors who are actually smart enough to recognise when they see it and avoid aviation like the plague.
About ten years ago I received a CAsA letter saying my medical was not going to be processed due to a heart problem, I was offshore at the time and had renewed my FAA medical at the same time. Around ten grands worth of tests later my specialist in frustration wrote to CAsA and suggested whoever thought I had a heart problem should go back to medical school.
How many guys in the last year were informed by CAsA they had diabetes?
Love to know how many, cost me around a grand to prove I wasnt.
I've heard of a few guys who have spent a fortune proving they were'nt alcoholics as well because they were honest in the questionaire.
Meantime I renew the FAA medical year in year out, no hassles, no cost other than the doctor, and surprise, surprise the FAA respects their doctors competentcy, because he issues the medical and thats it.

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