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Originally Posted by joy16 View Post
Are you sure to saying this?
Do you think that all Thai airliners (THAI, Bangkok airways, Thai air asia, Nok air, Orient Thai, Thai Lion air, etc.) should be downgraded?

If not downgraded, more oversight!

Two years ago, I had an opportunity to fly with some of the retired Thai Airlines Captains, Check Airman, line instructors that Orient Thai hired. Most of them were pathetic. Terrible flying skills, terrible CRM, won't use the QRH, totally non-standard, just go, go, go. Out of ten that came over, there was 1 FO and 1 CPT that were good.

The Thai Captains (retired from 744 at Thai Airways) thought they were going to come right in as instructors, check airman etc. because they were in those positions at Thai Airways. After their initial simulator sessions the lead instructor at OT (not western) would NOT let any of them in any type of instructor position. Said they were terrible. These Captains retired from Thai Airlines, the national carrier. You would think they would be the best.

It was not one bad apple, 80% of them were substandard. I can only assume their operational skills at Orient Thai carried over from Thai Airways because they didn't develop those bad habits in 2 sim sessions at Orient Thai.

Well I got a bunch of "tell me about a time when..." stories for the job interviews. I did enjoy my time there!

They are proof that Boeing and Airbus make great airplanes!
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