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Flight Manual v Operations Manual

Point taken HazelNuts39, however in the RAAF the C130H model Flight Manual was issued by Lockheed, titled "Flight Manual for RAAF C-130H Airplanes" with the "Lockheed Publication Number FM 382C-71D". This publication was our Operations Manual. So I guess it depends where you are, which type you fly or for whom you fly. The B747's I operated on came with Operations Manuals produced by Boeing, with the rider that in the event there were any differences between the Boeing Operations Manual and the FAA approved Flight Manual, the FM would take precedence.

Regardless of what the manual is called, the RAAF B707-338C publication used in the initial instance was simply the Qantas Operations/Flight Manual inserted into a RAAF binder. What transpired after I had left the RAAF I do not know.

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