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I was a "new " Captain on the Car Ferry, so my weather minima had 100ft added to the Company's ie for me it was 400ft.
The a/c ahead had landed a five minutes earlier. At 400ft I was still IFR, so I overshot. Whilst under training I had done a number of overshoots, both two engined and with one feathered.
On this occasion the Starboard propeller went into " Auto coarse" and was feathered.
My speed fell, as |I had started to climb. ( A two engine climb of course)
I had to trade height for speed and got down to 200ft before climbing. I cannot NOW recall my lowest speed.The following day the Chief Pilot said that I had reached Vmcg.
He said that he had not heard of this happening in flight before.
The auto coarsening had been added to the Car Ferry fleet to allow us to operate at 44,000lbs instead of 40,000lbs and had two Pitots to ensure that both engines worked equally on T/O.
I think he ( understandably?) blamed me.
A few months later a similar thing happened and people were killed.
The auto coarsen system was switched off, when not required, after that.

Possibly my having learned and practiced low overshoots in gliders near Toulouse or having a large left foot may have helped. on my occasion.
I see that " engine failure on overshoot" may be practiced on a sim, nowadays. ( Not on a "single - engined "Link Trainer, then.)

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