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You know... Nikki's posts have been quite reasonable.
So - Ok Stalin and others.
Here's a question for you then.
What would YOU do?
What is your strategy for rescuing QF mainline?
No abuse or vindictive statements... give me a reasoned strategy.
Joyce is gone... you are in the CEO's chair.
What fleet decisions would you make?
What would your competitive advantage be (that's not a business school buzz phrase by the way) and how would you keep it sustainable?
What would be your core markets - and where would you fly to?
What areas would you target for cost cutting?
Would you keep JQ?
What about heavy maintenance - onshore or offshore, and why?
What would you do about the QSA?
You should be able to provide answers to all these questions in around 150-200 words or so; the same length as one of these posts.
I'm intrigued to see what you have to say.
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