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holly 1

We are already seeing a certain amount of frustration amongst the First Officers who are now realising that a Command will take a very long time to achieve.

We are already seeing First Officers making "lifestyle decisions" that will ultimately commit them to being permanent First Officers for their career with Virgin Australia.

Not criticism......just the facts.

I think management are very aware that a younger candidate will possibly offer more career time to achieve that elusive Command or they may be more willing to accept the disruptions in Base and Type that more 'mature' candidates (and current First Officers) are not.

Having a disproportionate number of First Officers who are unwilling to move for a Command is not an ideal situation at all.

As it is....to fill positions in Perth it is getting to the point of having to hire off the street to fill FO vacancies or create NEW Commands that may not be actually needed Fleet wise.

We have recently had E190 Captains transfering to the B777 as First Officers for most likely lifestyle decisions.

Lots of stereotyping there I know but its their train set, but they have to do what they believe is right for the long-term viability of their workforce.

Flashbacks of age discrimination..............not sure.......but I know no one benefits out of a Court case........NO ONE!

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