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Creampuff # 148 But the implications of the page you’ve posted on PPRuNe are profound and your organisation can make a submission …. to Senator Xenophon.
Compared to the last hilarious weekend outing at Mr McKenzie's private lake (LBG) with a BBQ, elephant rides and a couple of effigy burnings (we did, most assiduously clean up afterwards) the formal annual meeting was a serious, even sombre affair. We even went 'hi-tech' and abandoned the usual carrier pigeons in favour of Skype for communications with our colleagues far from home.

Overshadowing proceedings, the Truss stitch up and what to do, for best. Not to much wind was wasted deciding that this wet lettuce leaf inquiry has been subject to a right royal embuggerance. Pretty much a given. Not to waste your time; the following ideas found the most merit:-

1) The notion of bombarding Sen NX with (probably) 2 or 300 hundred submissions was impractical; however the idea of sending a short succinct email voicing your objections and supporting a request for Senate committee involvement would be worth the time. cc Barnaby Joyce....(evil icon).

2) That those who wish to should send a submission to the review should do so. Keep it 'simple' and mention regulatory reform, without reform of the regulator is a waste and just another, pointless PC/PR exercise. It should be a fairly easy exercise to add a politely phrased objection to the terms of reference, lack of public reporting, the demeaning, intimidating pre bout rhetoric, the lack of any real protection and the perception that this review is an exhibition bout, rather than a title fight. (see your local wordsmith) and cc Barnaby Joyce.

3) – Three; aye well, three was 'off the wall'. But, a majority vote declared it a bloody good idea, to wit: a petition to Clive Palmer asking he present a private members bill supporting a notion to "Stop buggering about, bring in the NZ CAR, import some NZ talent to steer the process, and clean out the vermin". cc Barnaby Joyce.

There is some serious talent in the BRB, they reckon that it would take a five man team about a month to 're jig' some of the local peculiarities in the NZ CAR and make a working rule set. The Australian AIP being a whole different world of pain, but doable. One of the crew has compliance templates for parts 121, 125 and 135 to provide a guide for CP 's who would need to redraft (down size) their COM, and I am assured that similar templates are available for the engineering sector (foreign language to me). The proposal was marked for further serious consideration, it's wild, but I confess the more I think about it, the better I like it. P7 (TOM) and I walked home in a very thoughtful mood.

Anyway, there you have it, for what it's worth, a paraphrased, potted version of the Bar Room Barristers AGM. The Christmas bash is always a happier, if not healthier affair. (big grin).

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