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Yes, unfortunately it’s a snow job.

But the implications of the page you’ve posted on PPRuNe are profound and your organisation can make a submission …. to Senator Xenophon.

And, on 1 July 2014, there’s nothing stopping your organisation from urging the non-major party aligned Senators to follow Senator Xenophon’s lead on matters aviation.

(Bear in mind: The Panel won’t be reporting until “May 2014” – that will almost certainly be ‘re-established’ to beyond May, due to the ‘volume and complexity of the issues raised by the submissions’ received in the context of the terms of reference and the ‘overriding importance of safety and the obvious need to "get the recommendations right"’– so the government will be stalling on doing anything – sorry – ‘waiting with anticipation’ - until the recommendations of the ‘Review’ have been made.

The government’s response to the recommendations of the ‘Review’ will be to announce some ‘fundamental’ changes to a ‘good’ system to make it ‘even better’. Those changes will, in substance, be inconsequential, but at least one will involve legislation. That’s where the non-major party aligned Senators come in.

What the government mooveth, the non-government Senators can amendeth….

(And for Sunfish: The Holden announcement shows just how sensitive the government is to the job-loss shibboleth. i.e. not at all.)
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