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Queer giraffes and the ICAC.

The educational video (below) provides instruction on how, in days gone by, a man who had been ripped off could gain some form of restitution and a degree of satisfaction. The educated viewer may gleam from the subtle messaging and sub text the risks associated with doing dodgy business. These days we have the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC); same principal, only the satisfaction of physical contact is denied.

Problem is the system only targets corruption 'done', not the means by which the corruption is flavoured. There remains the contentious issue of whether the corruption is of a moral or legal flavour. It is a sickness of the time we live in – legal and tidy ?= all good. The moral or ethical questions in any situation may be, with impunity, dusted off.

There is no ICAB (Bull-dust). There is a 'legal' impediment to offering 'real' protection from persecution, so there; that's it. Yet we are expected to 'play up' and make genuine, but toothless complaint against the PPP of CASA and meekly accept that we may rely on some second hand fridge, converted (with a new padlock) to a safe, for industrial security. No moral obligations whatsoever to protect witness is envisaged. Bollocks, give this revue back to the Senate, where it belongs; with folk who understand parts, if not all of it. Then drag S. Palethorpe esq. and his crew back from wherever they are toiling and lets have this thing done "proper", or let's not bother at all.

There is no ICAP (Patronising). "GA people"; "Industry players" and all the poor people out there, not sitting on a cushion. You note the high handed, demeaning words used. Not a whisper of robust comment, perhaps along the lines of "We understand and support the need for your protection; there are some legal impediments to this at moment, however we shall discuss the matter with the Miniscule and his watchdog, to ensure that full protection is available to those who's business and career depend on not becoming a haunted or hunted species". Stone the crows, (insert retch break here).

“It may not make your readers totally happy, because some would have been seeking parliamentary privilege. But what we’ve done – and we’ll be telling GA people this when we talk to them as well
Damn straight it don't.

There is no ICAP (Platitudes). A pat on the head and a soothing, but meaningless reassurance from a professional Master of Ceremonies (or a Head waiter for that matter) mean Jack; they're both very superior, cynical and professionally superficial beings.

“So there’s a wall around the review, around its files, around its information and around its people. Each person in the office has signed a confidentiality agreement and gone through all of the processes that generally apply to these sorts of reviews.
There is no ICARR. (Rigged races) the Murky Machiavellian team will no doubt impress the mug punters. Much in the same way a showy, jail bait chestnut filly prancing around the saddling paddock will always attract the 'ladies' money (mine sometimes and I should know better), even at short odds. But, under the sleek glossy hide although all looks well, the fix is in. It will be a legal fix no doubt, the mare returning to stables for a good rub down, in a warm stall the feed bag full of favourite sweetmeats. The rest will just be 'rid hard and put away wet', after all they're just spares to make it look like a real race, the knackers yard awaits.

There is no ICAC. (Confusion). The internal Rift (IR) wars at political level need to be settled. Wazza says it's OK – go for it, I've got your 6. The PC/PC says no pushing, or hair pulling for there is to be no protection against that sort of behaviour (Mummy smack). Which, FPS is it?

Aye well, the Sarcs defined Politically Correct (PC) Professional Chairman (PC) only needs to polish off the welcome speech, work a little more on the closing speech and it's all done and dusted: neat and legal; tied up with a pretty PC ribbon. Special advisors can swagger off to a special congratulatory dinner; and the long serving calendar girl may even be able to return to the stable that bred it.

Step up boys and girls; otherwise, no one will be able to say "Oi !, you sold us queer giraffes". Or hear you scream in space.


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