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Originally Posted by Screwballs
AirRabbit, you have written quite a few words on this thread so far. However, I don't see your answer to the original question! Can we have a concise summary of how you would perform a circle to land procedure? For the example lets use a Cat C aircraft, Boeing 737 if you like.
Sure thing Screwballs Ė just let me know what airport, what runway to approach and what runway to land after circle, "existing" weather conditions, and, if you have access, an appropriate approach plate. If you donít have one, I may be able to come up with one. Iíll await your information.

...and, as I've been saying, the reason I posted anything here is that it seemed to me that some inexperienced aviators may have thought it wise to jump on the series of suggested numbers that were being thrown around very casually. I know that many "newbies" have a tendency to take some of those "number references," commit them to memory for a given set of circumstances, and may at some point in the future be tempted to apply those "number references" to some different, but similar-looking circumstances, and without knowing for sure what they're doing, choose to apply the wrong application to the set of circumstances with which they have been confronted. There seems to be a marked increase in that kind of "cheat-sheet" approach when difficult sets of circumstances present themselves. I've said that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the Asiana tragedy at SFO may have had just such an "its-always-worked-before" set of "canned procedures" that were used by that crew.

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