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Don't have time to read all of them now, but the first of you example, just begs for a comment, as it supports my case:
The pilots assumed this was a routine flight. After all, the weather was good and there was nothing wrong with their aircraft just minutes before landing.

As it turns out, the captain, who was the pilot flying, was compelled to attempt a night visual approach to the runway, even though the VOR Runway 17 instrument approach was briefed and set up earlier.
It just highlights that a night visual is a difficult maneuver, even into an airport with wich the crew was familiar at daytime.

Exactly the reason an even more difficult night-circling approach should be dealt with in an almost scientific systematic manner. It should not be taken lightly and regarded as a tight visual approach, and as such the timing method is a good system to ensure that you are where you want to be.
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