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2008 and all that

Interesting study is journalist and tendentious blogger Mr. Farmer (No not calendar one, 'tuther one). Before the great white elephant paper disappointment following the colossal industry effort for reform in 2008, he published several very good articles. The extracts from the one below (Our air traffic control insider writes: Jul 14, 2008 12:00AM) was typical, he has been relatively quiet since then on matters aeronautical. Probably same as the rest of those who contributed in good faith, only to see their efforts rewarded with the Albo, soft white paper elephant – disgusted. Now we have the vicars tea party scene from the Forsyth saga to look forward to. Are we ever to hear the minuscule response to Pel Air?, may be Barnaby Joyce could deliver it – maiden speech and all that??

It would appear that the first independent review of TIBA from an ATC point of view has concluded that TIBA is not as safe as it would appear on paper. Well, we at the “coal face” are shocked. Shocked that all it took was one simple visit to work out what the controllers have been saying has substance. Where have CASA been? 300+ closures/reductions in the year and they finally take a look after media pressure. CASA is a joke.

Bruce Byron stated last week that he didn’t want to hear about controller shortages next year and appears to have given the CEO of ASA, Greg Russell, an ultimatum; Bruce, tip for you, we aren’t 19 short we are 75 short. We are going to lose 20-odd before Christmas, so the 35 people currently being trained, assuming that they all get a licence (which they won’t) will still leave us 60 Short; I guess that’s only 4 short under the fuzzy maths that is being used now by the ASA executive. Bruce, it takes 18 months from off the street to getting a licence, add six months for recruitment.
We are in a heap of pain — and there is much more to come.

When “Big Tony” (the Minister) takes his broom out, maybe Bruce Byron should go too along with Greg Russell and the ASA Board; it’s a joke that a first world nation has less ability than most 3rd world nations relating to air traffic control coverage.
Great vintage was 2008 and can only improve with time.
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