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This morning, ALPBC Sydney radio interviewed one of the 20 Australians whose passports have been cancelled, a 19 year old labourer named Abu Someoneorother.

Some here might not be aware that this man would not have been born with that name. To have a name "Abu -", (literally "father of"), this man must have a son (I don't think daughters count; I've never heard of a Muslim declaring himself to be "Abu Fatima"). Until having a son of his own, he would have been e.g., "Ali bin Mohammed", literally, "Ali, son of Mohammed" and his sister would have been "Fatima bint Mohammed", ("Fatima, daughter of Mohammed"). After siring a son, he becomes "Ali Abu Someoneorother" (the first son's name).

So the young man, still a teenager, is manfully doing his bit to increase the numbers of his family members among the future generations in Australia.

Of course, he insisted that he had no plans to travel to Syria to fight, and neither were the videos he had produced designed to encourage people to go to Syria to fight. But he went on to insist that the Jews were radicalising young people here against the Arabs.

I can't help but think ASIO (=the current Federal Government) would have been far better advised to have cancelled the passports of these people only after each person considered to be a security threat had left the country. Then, when that person attempted to have his passport re-issued, he would be required to prove where he had been and what he had been doing whilst overseas and if he had broken Australian law by fighting in a civil war as a member of an unofficial militia, (or even as "a humanitarian aid worker", which seems to be what they all do in Syria and elsewhere), he could know that if he returned to Australia, he would face gaol.

Everyone would be the winner. The people involved could avoid gaol and remain free by staying in the country - and the society - they had fought for, and the Australian taxpayer would be saved the expense of accommodating them at Her Majesty's Hotel Nofrills at Goulburn.
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