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At a Christmas BBQ.

LS # 127 - "and both CASA and Airservices have threatened or actually taken action for defamation against industry players who have been critical of individuals."
I heard a very ugly rumour yesterday; which if ever proven true demands immediate, urgent public action. This came not from the TL fuel depot; but from a fairly well informed source. I hope there is no truth in the tale, but FWIW - the conversation, paraphrased : "Seems Arthur Pape has been copping all kinds of flack - attacked, disadvantaged and threatened for publishing - his article - on PPRuNe and for refusing to bow down and back off. Tactics of a Non model litigant are being ruthlessly applied".

I can't give it to you chapter and verse; wish I could, so for once, try to read between the lines I can give you. This sort of thing needs a positive response from government even if it's just a simple denial, because if true and ever proven, it's time to turn off the lights.
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