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A Sunday laugh.

Great idea HLB (#130) - A bloody good way to save a few trees. Maybe we just write the IOS Act and submit it, save a load of dollars, messing about with reviews and inquiries. Here ya go mate; done and dusted on the back of a beer coaster. Easy peasy.

The IOSCB Aviation Act, (writ small in fine print).

The rule of law is officially made redundant by this Act. Herewith and henceforward all accidents or incidents, no matter how repetitive, no matter how serious, irrespective of who gets killed or nearly drown are not our fault. Henceforward -nothing is 'our' fault.

We the untouchables led by the unsavoury hereby avow and declare Criminal Pilot Error (non prosecutable because of the silly rules of evidence) to be the predetermined outcome of any future accident or incident.

We the invincible in cooperation with the unconscionable solemnly declare our intention to only present our own home spun version of events; disregard peer group safety recommendations (what would they know) and will outlaw the attendance of our people in nasty Coroners courtrooms.

We will promise to continue our world leading efforts to ensure that whether those who toil in our sheltered workshops bring their children to work or not; we will provide a no worries workplace.
Looks like Sarcs has discovered one the differences between the US outlook and Australian don't look. Can we persuade Mr Farkuse or better still Sean Elliot (VP EAA) to travel over here and bat for the IOS first XI? that should go down very nicely with the tea and scones set. Must be very nice to have the dollars, the laws, the membership, the interest and the political courage to tangle with the monolith of US government.

I wish him, his cojones and all EAA members, the very best of all things. Bravo!!

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