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Questions, from the man at the back of the room.

The curious, orphan - FOI-EF 12-8481, - is proving to be quite 'a three pipe problem'. It is curious because:-

It emanates from the then DoIT. The response time from Beaker was 23 minutes (a personal best).

It never saw the light of day in the Pel Air inquiry. But someone, presumably associated with calling the inquiry on, requested a whole raft of associated correspondence documents, this being the only one to escape. It escaped the mass cull under S47 F, being the only one released for the requested period. Further time records were broken by the incredibly short length of time it took to find and analyse the three years of correspondence requested, process elimination protocols, edit the volume, decide to claim sanctuary under S 47, provide a response; and then top it all off by setting a new, world best time to get it onto the FOI disclosure log. Wow.

Aye, it's a puzzle all right; it may go some way to explaining why NX dragged the Information Commissioner into play. So to the questions:-

Was there a serious game of push and shove in the schoolyard going on?

Was Pel Air just being used as a football in serious points scoring manoeuvre and the inquiry was simply never, ever expected to go the distance it did ?

Why was the DAS and other addressees responses not provided in the package?

What sort of truth is it that makes taking the shellacking dished out by the Senate a better proposition than having "it" exposed?

And yes, I am now officially curious. The cock up barrow can only be pushed so far. Clues ? Skeletons ? anyone????? -.
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