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'Air Safety Through Investigation'

Creamy, good pick up. Improving our 'already good system' is a nice misrepresentation of the truth, and a cleverly worded little nugget of deceit
Naughty naughty spin doctors spinning away on behalf of Truss. One has to recognise, acknowledge and admit that the system is very very sick, terminal, complete shite (as it currently is), before any changes can be made. That recognition is yet to be acknowledge by those who can introduce the fixes. I mean the IOS and a host of aviation core people know it, but don't have the horsepower to change it.
On a seperate note, the ISASI article below is worth a guernsey.

Chair Tadros keynote address was quite succinct, and it emphasizes how investigations, per se, have and are changing in scope, technique and methodology. I think that Mr Spruston the review panel expert from the land of the Moose will be quite surprised at how our ATSBeaker has slipped backwards faster than a CASA executive slipping between two taxpayer troughs! The Canucks have pretty much got it right in the investigative field, and so have our brothers in Singapore and the USA. I am sort of hoping that one outcome of the review will be the actual implementation in Australia of workable regulations and a return to sane rules and the world class quality type investigations that the ATSBeaker used to do before Bills and Stray went away and Jules Verne and Beaker took the helm. I remain sceptical about the Governments intent, however if enough of the underlying issues make light a small brushfire may erupt, regardless of how much they try to smother it. A small brushfire has the capacity to turn into a fully fledged bushfire which is what we need. Remember, a fire is destructive, however after the fire new foliage sprouts and takes over………

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