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Given it had 4,000 members in 2004, as stated under oath at Senate Estimates, and now appears to have about 700, it would seem as organized as one could get for a systemic failure. 3,300 members lost in nine years equates to an average steady loss of some 366 members per annum. Why did these people leave if they were getting a benefit for their subscriptions for representation?

Given about 20,000 pilots in Australia, the numbers don't appear to be any representation of pilots let alone the sum of engineers, Air agriculture, EMS, Recreational pilots, DAME's, AOC holders, Regional aviation, Helicopter operators, balloon operators, Ornithopter enthusiasts etc. etc.

Being head of this organization hardly qualifies for induction to any "expert" panel of advisers irrespective how long he has "been around". They lost all their "exerts" years ago in the ego wars.
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