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Aircraft, much the same as commercial road vehicles, stop for fuel where the price is right without diversifying to far off their optimum route.

I don't know the price of fuel at a Sheffield City Air/Heliport but I would suggest that it would be more expensive that at some competitor airfields where those aircraft could stop for their refuels.
PF, Yes, I was slightly aware - I've been doing this for a living for thirty six years.

No-one knows the price of fuel because you can't actually go there to buy any right now...

As things stand the "heliport", hard standing/hangar/fuel, is solely for the use of the local Police helicopter. Not sure if even the air ambulances use it.

I dont think there has ever been any intention that it is opened to general helicopter use, and does not have the infrastructure in place for general commercial use.

Precisely. That's why I wrote "turn it into a heliport".

What infrastructure do you think a heliport (rather than an airport) actually requires to be in place? Ever been to London Heliport? It's got a place to land (only just big enough for public transport), five parking spots (not all of which can be used at the same time), a waiting room / lounge, a reception and a door to the street.

I thought folks were interested in re-opening the place for aviation. Is that not the case?
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