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The aardvark is vaguely pig-like in appearance. Its body is stout with a prominently arched back and is sparsely covered with coarse hairs. The limbs are of moderate length, with the rear legs being longer than the forelegs The front feet have lost the pollex (or 'thumb'), resulting in four toes, while the rear feet have all five toes.. Whereas the aardvark is considered digitigrade, it appears at time to be plant grade. This confusion happens because when it squats it stands on its soles

The head of the aardvark contains many unique and different features The snout resembles an elongated pig snout and the aardvark has a long, thin, snakelike, protruding tongue and elaborate structures supporting a keen sense of smell. The ears, which are very effective, are disproportionately long, about 2025 centimetres long and the eyes are small for its head, and consist only of rods.

Both males and females emit a strong smelling secretion from an anal gland. Genetically speaking, the aardvark is a living fossil, as its chromosomes are highly conserved, reflecting much of the early eutherian arrangement before the divergence of the major modern taxa.

Aardvarks hide in dark underground burrows; their thick skin also protects them to some extent even though the aardvark is a rather quiet animal. However it does make soft grunting sounds as it forages and loud grunts as it makes for its tunnel entrance. It makes a bleating sound if frightened. When it is threatened it will make for one of its burrows.

Guess this pretty well sums it up explaining behaviour.
`emit a strong smelling secretion from an anal gland' Could this be considered as talking through ones fundamental orifice?

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