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These small aircraft are usually structurally quite strong and in the pics and vids I see serious destruction. To me it Looks more like a medium to high energy Impact.
There are two things I see here. Relatively large pieces of wreckage from throughout the aircraft mixed with smaller chunks. Some of them relatively tough items like landing gear.

Big chunks generally means relatively low speed. A ballpark guess would be around 150 knots.

Extensive breakup then means a bad ground interface, probably wing down or without a flare. Perhaps hit an obstacle. I would be surprised if it was over 180 knots worst case.

The higher the energy of impact, the smaller the chunks. Sometimes the aft pieces of the aircraft are larger because of deceleration caused by the front part of the aircraft being broken up. Fuel flowing out of fractured tanks can caused localized destruction as it tumbles parts along.

Hopefullly the recorders can be read and we will have solid data beyond my poor efforts.
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