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I've been here for a long long time since before the road between Hardy's and flight ops was first dug up and your friend is right "things can change here overnight".

It all depends on which side the decision makers leave their bed in the morning, not on any analytics of the situation and no consideration of the airlines long term objectives as far as human resource development is concerned.

When I first joined the company and visited QCAA for my temporary Qatari ATPL which was issued as a validation of my foreign ATPL. The gentleman I met was a Qatari. After handing over my temporary paper licence he laughed and remarked "this is valid for three months and if you are still here after three months you can have your permament licence"

In those day many pilots didn't even bother to resign, they would just take a flight to the nearest destination to their home country and just leave for home. "Jump Ship" as it was called. This was all because of the lies that they were told before they joined. I think this tells how the place is managed.

Good Luck
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