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Sarcs, very very succinctly put
What we often (or used to have) were good ATSB reports and SR's. These on occasion would be followed up by a Coroner recommendation. So now we have two sources recommending changes within a system that failed. Then as the third link in the chain we have..........Fort Fumble. The lazy, laconic, inept ozfucator. They then decide that the ATSB and Coroner recommendations be, dare I say, 'taken on notice'. In other words nothing gets done, and in a lesson in fate, tautology and Groundhog Day the same accident/incident occurs again (for example study the Robbo fuel tank issue and how innocent people have been burnt alive).
In many instances had the 'R'egulator introduced the SR's as recommended by the ATSBeaker or the Coroner, history may have never repeated itself, lives might have been saved, families could have avoided the heartache and pain that they were caused.

So yes, there is a link between rules and regulations and incidents and accidents. Transair at Lockhart is a prime example of how the risks were identified several years before the accident. Fort Fumble ignored the glaring red flags, sat on their collective asses and then ran like cockroaches when all hell broke loose.

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