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Tick tock and it won't be too long before the piper must be paid.
Tick Tock indeed Government cronyism, cover ups, malfeasance and incompetence is a sort of favourite past time of mine. I have experienced it first hand, under two different countries who operate under the Westminster system, so I have an ongoing interest in the rights of the little bloke.

One thing is for certain in Australia this time around, the stakes are higher friends. There are some very serious aviation concerns being raised about Australian aviation oversight by other highly ranked Aviation entities external to Australia. The concerns are of such a nature that for these entities to mitigate, well I will put it this way, it will become a parlous financial blow to the Australian economy. These powerful entities have and are avoiding this potential mess as best as they can, but the length of rope has finally run out.

The other difference at the moment lays with the Australian Senators work. Sure, they have done a pretty good job up til now, and admittedly there have been inquiries before, but thiS time around the CAsA, the former Alabanese and the now Truss have under estimated the veracity of Xenophon and Fawcett, as well as under estimated the Senators determination, will, conscience and intelligence. If people think the situation in Australia has been ozfuscated into the history pages as well this time around, think again. There is a storm front coming that may even shock the most ardent CASAsexual, onlookers or even the IOS!

Watch this space
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