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I think Abbott is trying to bring things back to where the media reports government actions and does not drive the political agenda, as it has become used to over the past 6 years.

This inevitably pisses off both the 'progressively minded' journos, who support greens/labor and the conservative types, who want to see immediate, draconian action against those damn pinko's and their fellow travellers.

His position is not improved by having a broadly partisan, unsupportive public service at the lower and middle echelons and a State media monolith that sees its role as being to undermine a popularly elected government .

It is a time honoured tradition that governments neither confirm nor deny alleged intelligence activities. Everyone knows its going on but editors used to understand the concept of keeping state secrets, well, secret.

His position is made more difficult by the Indonesians happily ramping up the 'outrage' to both maximize opportunity for reparation and for local consumption in an election environment.

By not dropping Rudd in it, Abbott is maintaining that tradition of non-disclosure. He is also minimizing Indonesia's opportunity to demand reparation.

Had he formally admitted that the Rudd government had spied on the Indonesian head of state etc, the pressure would have been on to publicly justify the actions. This would have inevitably led to further, tit for tat 'revelations' of spying by both sides and resulted in a real, long term breakdown in the relationship.

There was (and remains) a chance that the issue of Australian intelligence gathering will also drag in other Asian countries.

As it stands, we are looking at a short term, confected breakdown, which should resolve itself in the near future.

I am sure the Guardian/ABC Collective will seek to fan the flames with further judicious reporting of the Snowden papers.

If they do, at some stage, Brandis will have to dust off his copy of the laws against sedition.
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