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Small business retail is suffering ATM, not just from on line but also the economy. OK
True. These guys aren't small business though. They're Big Business, and Big Businesses that put a lot of small businesses under far more pressure than the internet does. To see Myer (as in the Coles Group, formerly known as Coles Myer) complaining about competition is frankly distasteful .

When it comes to fuel, grog, pubs and groceries they have allegedly crushed small opposition businesses, held suppliers to ransom (particularly the little guys), and (also allegedly, but from a local case a friend was involved in) put pressure on the big shopping centres to squash their small competitors. They generally behave like corporate thugs. Ask the Dairy industry what they think about the Coles' approach to free trade.

IMO, now they've met a collectively viable competitor they can't intimidate, and they don't like it.
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