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Thanks for the reply, Dan--

From your reference to turn "needle", I assume the jets you were instructing in had a turn rate indicator, not a turn coordinator. Please correct me if I'm mistaken here.

I want to learn more about this as I don't understand how the direction of rotation can be reversed with the turn coordinator. It seems to me that this wouldn't work at all. But I don't fully understand the internal mechanism of the instrument and how it differs from a turn rate indicator, other than the fact that the gyro axis is tilted to include roll sensing.

Again my experience has generally been that the combined roll-yaw sensing of the turn coordinator greatly aids the pilot in rolling to wings-level without overshooting into a turn in the opposite direction. But again, I haven't explored the effects of heavy excess G-loads.

Also it's clear enough why an inverted spin, where roll is opposite yaw, is one case where the turn coordinator would give unreliable indications and a turn rate indicator would not.

Re the turn rate indicator-- perhaps it is in the case that in light aircraft where the turn rate for any given bank angle is much higher than in a fast jet, the over-sensitivity due to excess G-loading is much less important and in practical terms it is not usually necessary to unload the G's to 1 or 0 before reading the instrument? I'm going to do some hands-on tests to shed some light on this later this morning.
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