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Addendum to post #44

Better late than never I guess??

Regulatory requirements for class B aircraft maintenance


Date received:11 November 2013

Response from:Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Response status:Monitor
Response text:With regard to Recommendation AO-2011-115-SR 050 you have recommended that CASA address the safety issue that the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 allow class B aircraft registration holders to maintain their aircraft using the CASA maintenance schedule in situations where a more appropriate manufacturer's maintenance schedule exists.

You remain concerned that this safety issue may not be adequately addressed and have issued the recommendation that CASA proceed with our program of regulatory reform to ensure that all aircraft involved in general aviation operations are maintained using the most appropriate maintenance schedule for the aircraft type.

I accept this recommendation and CASA will address this issue, work has commenced and again it will involve consultation with industry. As this is likely to be a protracted process; CASA is not in a position to specify a specific completion date at this time.

ATSB action in response:The ATSB recognises the acceptance of the recommendation by CASA. The ATSB will continue to monitor the ongoing work by CASA until the issue has been satisfactorily addressed.
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