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Creammie and Leaddie:

I am not suggesting a social club.

And I agree that there needs to be a strategy as to how and to whom as you say representations, lobbying, etc are made.

But to do that effectively you need a backbone and you need smarts and most of all the support of the industry at large.

Individual lobbying might get a couple of questions thrown in at Senate Estimates. Organised action that is constant and consistent will stir the pot.

The questions Old Akro asks need to be made public, need to be made a point of so strongly that it embarrasses the PTB and exposes the mockery of the system.


Yes, a successful and effective campaign can be done. There is a plethora of social media, TV, radio, etc that can be utilised and there are people we all know that are excellent at it. That is one of the great things about aviation-it attracts all those kinds of people, capable, intelligent and even willing.

The issue is there is no one willing to stand up and lead.
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