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Perhaps a sign of the times that Alan's 54 pillar strategy is about to collapse around his ears.
After years of neglecting the international side of the business, segmenting everything possible domestically and having the cash fire hydrant firmly in jetstars gob, the penny may finally drop that Qantas' many problems are predominately self inflicted.
Alan and the neo conservative were quite happy to blow $200 mill in grounding the airline.
Many pundits are still waiting to see where this magical jetstar fix is going to save the group. Instead we see more cash thrown down the tubes into the jetstar abyss.
The enemy in the long term battle are the other airlines Qantas competes against, not the front line staff, whom Alan and the neo are incapable of talking to, let alone delivering a strategy that all staff can believe in.
Good luck Alan, at least today, it's one day closer to your departure than it was yesterday.
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