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Pilot Error = the end...

...I don't think so. At least I hope not, I hope that's not the end of our interest in this puzzling event. Whatever we think of TC's assertions it may in the end turn out to be - Pilot Error = the end of the story, which would make him right and he can wear any smugness he feels appropriate when and if that time comes. But I personally hope that we dig and dig, look and analyse until we have chewed over the accident in painful detail.

It has been pointed out by me and others that we do not operate in a vacuum. The processes we used are not made up on the hoof so we need to understand where what happened fits into those processes and if they were found to have contributed to the accident then we must block that hole in the Swiss cheese.

While we are at it we can look at the subject of automation in general and see if we have the design, use and training for automation 'right'.

I hope that will be one positive outcome from a tragic event.

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