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Has anyone given Mr Truss another option? Is there any other body that DOES represent GA?

Refer HBLs original question…

What's the option GA?

Do you now band together, put aside your differences, bitching and bickering or do you take it, well let's just say as it's dished out. Your cries of TREACHERY! and SHAFTED AGAIN! and HE'S A NO HOPER! are most likely falling on deaf ears. Government doesn't actually have a vision for GA, nor should it.

If there was a remote possibility of an organisation forming to truly represent GA I would even probably put aside my anti-aero club attitude and join.

I'd even pay.

Hate to say it but GA needs a lobby group that is united and focussed on a group of directives. It must be:

1. Capable of communicating with EVERY aviation professional in this country
2. Capable of producing a clear set of objectives for GA in Australia
3. Capable of representing GA to the Government
4. Capable of presenting GA to the media
5. An AUTHORITY on all issues that affect GA
6. Able to command respect from its members
7. Capable of representing GA to the public
8. Capable of directly affecting the Ministers Review
9. Capable of representing GA to the point of NO CONFIDENCE motion to the government

It needs someone to be able to say to the Attorney General: "Your new rules and regs have failed their original intent and need to be scrapped"

Its members must give their representatives a clear mandate and charter and then allow them to fulfil these.


It also needs to be THE organisation to PROMOTE, FOSTER, and DEVELOP aviation in Australia.

It needs to have administrative, legal, financial, public relations and lobbying muscle.

It needs to be led by a visionary that has the capacity to embrace all of the above effectively. This can be an individual or a group.

GA needs a leader.

Just some thoughts on a reflective morning reflecting on the fact we are not here for a long time…

It is interesting to note that most of the issues the Review is dealing with relate to GA and small RPT ops. The three that are to do the report are all ex-executive airline material….

The Terms of Reference are not bad. Who will make sure the outcomes GA needs are presented?


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