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DB: Thank you for your kind words.
I am trying very hard NOT to put emotion into this subject matter. My intention was to sort the wheat from the chaff. 111 pages of "just another accident" (which is what it is) seems an awful lot of froth to me. My emphasis is pointed at those who wish to wrap this in something it is not, that is all.
I most certainly have not, nor wish not to offend the crew that night, for we are all human and we all make mistakes. Like many before them - what they did was NOT intentional - sh*t happens. QED.
If my message is "off key" then I apologise, I will endeavour to be more humane in my delivery but the content of what I am stating - I stand by, wholeheartedly.
P3 - your sneyd PM was not welcome, keep your vitriol to yourself in future.

Let's please try and keep emotion out of this, can we?

ASER: What to do? Goodness, where does one start. Possibly one place might be to review SOP's, training and CRM? Human beings won't change over night, thus "human factors" will pretty much remain the same for centuries to come I suspect. We are definitely the "single point of failure" when it comes to aviation.
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