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Thorny, it doesn't show our pollies ignorance, it shows up our pollies continuation of the previous governments approach to hiding, distorting and avoiding the truth. They hire a Casasexual to review CASA! Jeez, I wonder how that will turn out! Oh how AOPA fans would have enormous chubby's about now? All that experience in slapping together their little rv6's and making CASA breakfast in the morning has paid off!
This decision from the Ministers department basically lets industry and the IOS know early on in the peace what the Liberal government intent is in relation to Australian aviation safety, so I guess in some ways it is good that we know now. I hope all the mum and dad frequent flyers are watching this space. The government you voted for are hell bent on ensuring that the massive decline in aviation safety which has been spiralling for a number of years now continues on its merry spiral into the ground.

Dear Senators, are you watching this? It would seem all your good work has been pissed against the fire, naughty naughty Ministers office. Anyway, your services will be called upon once again in the near future as it is inevitable, based upon what has taken place with Transair, Pel Air, Canley Vale etc etc that the clock keeps on ticking, the incidents keep occurring with frequency, and a giant smoking hole becomes more inevitable.
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